29 January 2016

Spring 2016 Workshops

And, there are a few workshops outside of the studio I want to make sure you know about.

This Spring I am bringing back a couple of workshops that I haven't taught in two years: Origami Travel Notebook and Stitched Photo Collage.

Origami Travel Notebook

Origami Travel Notebook is a structure that I devised to hold signatures that are made up of a traditional Japanese folding technique that contains many useful pockets. They can stand on their own as pamphlets or portfolios or they can be sewn into a larger structure as signatures. There are also blank pages incorporated into the structure. The pockets and the blank pages together make for a great structure for traveling - jotting down notes, writing, sketching and a place to stash tickets, maps and other findings.

Stitched Photo Collage

The Stitched Photo Collage was a student favorite for many years but I gave it a little break. A few of my newer students requested that I teach it again. It is a fun way to incorporate fabric, thread, book pages, photographs and other ephemera into pieces that can then be part of a book or a wall piece.

Boro Bags

A new workshop is Boro Bags that is proving to be very popular (I ran a "beta" session in January and students loved it!). Both dates are already full but I may add more so get on the waitlist to be the first to hear if I add more dates. In this class I share what I know about Boro textiles (I'm still learning more all the time!) and then students use a length of cloth as a sampler to learn the stitching and mending techniques seen in Boro textiles. At the end of the class the lengths of cloth are made into bags! Students have their choice of one of two traditional Japanese bags that are simple but ingenious in their design. The bags can be used as book bags, project bags, or for shopping or a very fancy gift wrapping.

Carousel Books by Jennie Hinchcliff

Last, but definitely not least, is my guest instructor extraordinaire Jennie Hinchcliff. She will be teaching Creative Carousel Books: Layers and Windows. Jennie is so much fun and such a great teacher. If you are in the area you don't want to miss this one!

I also have two teaching/traveling workshops scheduled:

Mountain Maid Workshops is a new program in the Grass Valley/Nevada City, California area. I will be teaching Boro Bags there on April 23rd. This will be a nice opportunity to take this class if you are outside of the Wishi Washi Studio area.

Boro Bag

And, I'm thrilled to be teaching the Boro Sampler Book at Squam Art Retreats in June. They are located in New Hampshire...on a lake! Students pick their choice of two one-day classes from a stellar line-up of instructors. I'm very much looking forward to being in New England again.

Boro Books

If you are no where near any of these venues remember that I have classes online at Creativebug

I hope to make something with you soon!

04 January 2016

KEEP: Modern Library

Happy New Year!

My Rydell Visual Arts Fellowship exhibit, KEEP: Modern Library, has been up for a month now and I thought it was time I posted a few pictures here. All of these were posted on my Instagram feed but I realize that not everyone lives over there so thought I'd share them here.

 The exhibit is at R. Blitzer Gallery in Santa Cruz, CA and is up through January 29th, 2016. There is still time to see it!

 You can see pictures of individual pieces on my website here and read my statement for the exhibit here.

The artist's book, entitled KEEP, that accompanies the exhibit is still available and can be purchased online here.

I will be giving an informal gallery talk at R. Blitzer Gallery on Saturday, January 9th. I'll be in the gallery from 2:00 - 4:00 and will start the talk at about 2:30. Hope to see you there! 

07 December 2015

KEEP: the artist's book

I've produced an artist's book to accompany my new series and project KEEP: Modern Library.

It's called KEEP 
and was made possible by the Rydell Visual Arts Fellowship that I received.

It was important to me that I did something with my Fellowship that gave back to the community so 10% of the sale price of KEEP will be donated to the Santa Cruz Public Library for purchase of books for their children's collection. The remaining revenue I hope to pay forward into another artist's book project that will also pay back to the community somehow. That's the plan!

My project, KEEP: Modern Library, utilizes withdrawn books from a college library as material for my artwork, so now those books are completing a circle of life by generating funds for books for kids.

KEEP takes the reader/viewer on a journey with me of the last two years of gathering materials, traveling, learning, stitching and seeing, with images of all those things as well as my artwork from the project scattered throughout the book. It is mostly photographs with some line drawings and a few key words that sum up the essence of the project.

The book is 32 pages, in color, and signed, numbered and stamped with the KEEP stamp that was a partial inspiration for the project. The book is an edition of 200.

You can purchase the book for shipping or local(Santa Cruz, CA) pick up on my website here.

U.S. Residents can use the paypal button on my site and for International shipping please e-mail me and I will send you a paypal invoice (wishiwashistudio at gmail dot com).

Also, available on my website shop page is the Rydell Visual Arts Fellows 2014-2015 Catalog(Scroll to the bottom of the shop page for that). The catalog includes portraits of all three fellows (myself, Jim Denevan and Elizabeth Stephens), essays on each of us plus one from a juror, and images of our artwork. I will sign your copy!

Check out my Wishi Washi Studio Shop 
and thank you for your support!

23 November 2015

Rydell Fellowship and K E E P : Modern Library

It was almost two years ago that I received a very nice phone call letting me know that I had been chosen as one of the next Rydell Visual Arts Fellows

That was definitely a high point of my last two years which have been a bit of a roller coaster ride. The fellowship allowed me to be a student at Shakerag Workshops, exhibit at Codex, travel to Japan, breath a little when I otherwise would be scrambling for studio rent, and publish an artist's book, called KEEP, that will give a portion of its proceeds to the Santa Cruz Public Library for the purchase of Children's Books.


All of these experiences, and more, are culminating in an exhibit that I start installation on next week.

Here is information about the exhibit:

Rydell Visual Arts Fellows Exhibition
R. Blitzer Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA
December 4th, 2015 - January 29th, 2016
Opening Reception: December 4th, 5:00 - 9:00

The exhibit will include my fellow Fellows: Jim Denevan and Elizabeth Stephens.
My portion of the exhibit is named: KEEP: Modern Library. It is inspired by withdrawn library books, Japanese textiles, the art of repair and a KEEP stamp that was discarded from a library. All of the color you see in these pieces are book cloth that has been stripped, or "skinned", from withdrawn library books. And, the imagery that floats across each piece is from one particular withdrawn library book that became my muse throughout this series.

I realize many readers here are far flung and won't be able to make it to the exhibit. You can see some pieces from the exhibit on my website here. I will add more pieces as time goes on. 

New Acquisitions
KEEP: the artist's book is a book that accompanies the exhibit and takes you on a visual journey of my last two years. You can purchase the book on my website

KEEP artist's book

If you are local I hope you can visit the exhibit! 

Thank you to Roy and Francis Rydell and the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County. You have kept me afloat these past two years!

I will post photos of the exhibit once it is installed.

26 October 2015

Pochoir Sampler Book with Macy Chadwick

Macy Chadwick, of In Cahoots Press, returned to Wishi Washi Studio this past Saturday to teach the Pochoir Sampler Book Workshop.

Pochoir is a hand stenciling technique used to create prints, or to add color to existing prints. Read more about Pochoir here.

Macy Chadwick - Topography of Home

Above and below are cutouts with pochoir inserts from pages of Macy's stunning artist's book entitled: Topography of Home.

Macy Chadwick - Topography of Home

Pochoir allows for a delicate control of color - at once subtle and vibrant. It is a great way to get color and repeated imagery into your book projects but also has applications for printmaking and for textile pieces.

When guest instructors teach in my studio I am hostess, assistant, and student all in one. It is a great mix and I always love to play along with the other students. I came totally unprepared, though, with no images in mind to work with so I pulled out some photocopies of the Vessel People I was drawing and printing a couple of years ago.

My Vessel People proved to be perfect for a beginning Pochoir student as they were very simple shapes and easy to make into hand-cut stencils.

We cut stencils in a few different ways using different materials

We created imagery on diaphanous book pages using our pochoir techniques

and, then we bound them into an accordion book structures with pockets to hold our stencils. How brilliant is that?

Completed Pochoir Sampler Book by Janis O'Driscoll

Layering the stencils creates a nice effect as does layering the pages

My four sections shown layered before I bound them into the sampler book

Macy is such a great teacher and I can't wait to have her come back and teach again.

Next up in Wishi Washi Studio is Crossed Structure Binding taught by me on November 14th, followed by Courtney Cerruti's Playing with Image Transfers - Accordion Style on November 21st. Each workshop has just one space available! Go here to register.

See you in the studio...

08 October 2015

Fall 2015 Book Arts Exhibits

Just a quick post to share a couple of stellar book arts exhibits happening in the USA this Fall.

Ten Years of Artist Books at the Brooklyn Public Library
Curated by Donna Seager, of Seager Gray Gallery 
Brooklyn Public Library
October 1st, 2015 - January 24th, 2016 

 Every year Donna curates an exhibit at her gallery called "The Art of the Book". This exhibit celebrates 10 years of that exhibit.

Some of my Exposed Spine pieces are in the exhibit, and as usual, Donna has gathered a group of amazing book works, by talented book artists, to keep them company.

 Be sure to check out the exhibit if you are in the New York area.

Exposed Spines by Jody Alexander (photo by r.r. jones)

Another fabulously curated book arts exhibit is happening at 
Whatcom Museum, in Bellingham, WA.

Unhinged: Book Art on the Cutting Edge 
Curated by Barbara Matilsky
September 27th, 2015 - January 3rd, 2016

Below is an image of my piece in the exhibit entitled: If She Thought it Would Help, Zelda Would Use Her Antediluvian Curse Cache to Attain Her Revenge

And, boy oh boy, is Zelda in good company at this exhibit. Many of the book artists in this show are artists that I have studied and admired for years - some real foremothers and forefathers of the book arts genre. Also, included are many of my book arts colleagues and friends.

If She Thought it Would Help, Zelda Would Use Her Antediluvian Curse Cache to Attain Her Revenge by Jody Alexander (photo by r.r. jones)

 It is a real honor to be included in both of these exhibits!
You can order a copy of the catalog for the Unhinged exhibit at Blurb here.
And, I believe you can order a copy of the Brooklyn Library exhibition catalog by contacting Seager Gray Gallery here

I won't be able to attend either exhibit but I hope that some of you can. 
Let me know if you do!

14 September 2015

Fall 2015 Workshops in Wishi Washi Studio

Wishi Washi Studio's Fall 2015 Workshop schedule is up!

We have a fun and varied selection of classes coming up.

I'm kicking off the season with my Boro Books workshop that has been popular, and true to form it filled lightening fast. But, let me know if you want to get on the waitlist as I may be adding a second date.

Boro Books workshop

Next up are my guest instructors extraordinaire, Macy Chadwick and Courtney Cerruti.

Macy will be teaching a Pochoir Sampler Book workshop for the first time at Wishi Washi Studio. I'm personally very excited about this class since I've been mark making on paper and fabric with carved blocks, transfers and stencils and I hope to learn some new tricks from Macy (yes, I always play along with the class when we have a guest instructor!).

Macy Chadwick's Pochoir Sampler Book

In November Courtney Cerruti returns to Wishi Washi Studio to teach her Image Transfer class. But, this time we added a twist: students will also be creating a hardcover accordion book into which they will transfer their newly learned techniques. The end product will be a transfer based artist's book that will also be a great reference for future projects.

Student work from a past Image Transfer class with Courtney Cerruti

Every year I make myself a date book using the Crossed Structure Binding so I thought this would be a great time of the year to teach that binding to students who might want to do the same. Or, make a journal or sketchbook for the new year. Or, create a really, really nice present for a special someone for the upcoming holidays.

Two of my Crossed Structure datebooks

Speaking of the holidays, in December I will be teaching two fun techniques that could easily serve as last minute gift ideas: the Iris Fold Technique and the Exploding Picture Box. These are both historical crafting techniques, the Iris Fold originating in Holland and the Exploding Picture Box in Victorian England. Take both classes and combine the techniques into one project.

Iris Fold Technique

Exploding Picture Box

I realize that many of you are not in the Wishi Washi Studio area so I want to remind you of my online classes with Creativebug, including the Iris Fold Technique. And, Courtney Cerruti also has a wide array of classes with Creativebug, too.
Hope to see you in the studio and if you make something via Creativebug please share on Instagram or Facebook and tag me - I always love to see what you make!