21 March 2020

Stay at Home 2020

Hello Everyone. I hope that you all are staying healthy and sane during this difficult time, and remaining inside and social distancing in order to do your part in flattening the COVID-19 curve.

There are so many artists, writers, musicians, actors, and other creatives that are being very imaginative and offering services to help everyone stay entertained right now.

Bamboo Rubber Band Book and Orizomegami

I would love to create a new tutorial here for you all but family matters have called me away from doing much creative work currently.

So, I thought I would bring together, in one place, a couple of bookmaking-for-kids tutorials that I have done in the past, a sashiko thread prep demo, and mention that Creativebug has opened up 50 classes for free!

Here are the links:

Snake Book

This is a blogpost tutorial I did a few years ago. The snake book is a super fun structure suitable for kids - I would say Kindergarten and up - as well as adults. HERE is the link.

Snake Book


Bamboo Rubber Band Book

I made a guest appearance on the Tinkerlab Blog a few years ago and put together this bookmaking tutorial for kids. Minimal supplies and you can learn how to make the fancy orizomegami covers on Creativebug - it is one of the 50 free classes available on the site now! Link to Bamboo Rubber Band Book HERE
 Scroll down for more info. on the Creativebug classes.

Bamboo Rubber Band Book

Sashiko Thread Prep

This one's for adults - we need entertaining activities, too! Is your sashiko thread collection a mess? This little tutorial tells you how to cut and braid a sashiko skein so that it doesn't become a messy nest in your sewing box. Link to post HERE.

Sashiko Thread Prep
Creativebug is always a good deal and they currently are offering 50 classes for FREE - for kids and adults alike. I just took a peek at them and three of my classes are included: Orizomegami, Japanese Binding for Kids, and the House Book - so happy to see this! They are all great projects for kids. Check them all out HERE.

Japanese Binding for Kids with Orizomegami covers

Wish I could do more and maybe I will be able to once things quiet down for me.

In the meantime, stay inside, stay in touch with your friends and extended family virtually, and be creative - it really helps! 


  1. thank you for this ... I'm sending the CreativeBug link to my 16 year old granddaughter who lives across the country ...

    may you be well ...

  2. DearJody, thanks for sharing these fun activities .....I love re-visitng your work and your posts!
    Always, DIane

  3. Thank you Diane! Hope you are doing well.