11 June 2013

Hidden and Revealed

We had an absolutely perfect start to the Summer Workshop season at Wishi Washi Studio with a workshop with Macy Chadwick entitled: Hidden and Revealed: An Exploration of Transparent Materials, Pockets and Interactive Book Structures. 

Macy is a talented artist, generous instructor and wonderful person.  She makes gorgeous artists' books under the name of In Cahoot's Press and she made my students very happy this last Saturday in Wishi Washi Studio.

We were so privileged to see some of Macy's artists' books in person - these books (above) have to be seen to be fully appreciated - they are rich with layers, meaning and superb craftsmanship.

Macy had a class sample to share with students with pockets, windows, stitching, and mysterious inclusions:

The class started with Macy teaching students how to make circle or oval windows in hard covers: 

 This is my oval hardcover in progress:

 and, this is my completed cover with mysterious "slipped photo" behind parchment paper

 Macy encouraged us to use our own found materials but also supplied ephemera of her own for our use.  I used a ghost print of a photograph here within a window framed by more parchment paper.

 One student decided to leave the window "sunburst" exposed:

Macy commented on how she gave the same instructions and materials to each student but each came up with something so unique!  So true - that is my favorite part of teaching:

 Macy also played along with us:

You can tell she has done this before...

I am so thrilled that Macy had such a good experience at Wishi Washi Studio that she wants to return in the Fall to teach again.  I'll release the Fall schedule sometime in July - keep an eye out - Macy's workshops fill fast!

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