13 November 2013

Storage Binding Book with Macy Chadwick

Last weekend the wonderful Macy Chadwick of In Cahoots Press graced us with her presence once again in Wishi Washi Studio. She returned to teach a book structure called The Storage Binding Book. Macy had the pleasure of studying under Hedi Kyle who devised this structure and a number of the the bells and whistles that go along with it.

My finished storage binding book

The Storage Binding Book is designed to hold low relief items since the spine is flexible and expands.

 We began by staining tyvek that was used as our accordion spine, and dying our pages:

  Macy demonstrated a number of techniques:

Macy demonstrating

Because of the page design you can make windows:

student working on window goodness

 pull-y thingies:

is that a lonely chicken?

no...she has friends! (this was Macy's demo)

                          layers upon layers:

one of Macy's sample books

                  wheels that turn - called a volvelle:

volvelle in Macy's sample book

and capture items in a gentle, non-adhesive manner (some of these techniques are used by conservators to store fragile items):

this is the title page of my sample book made in class

 I love this side variation of the pull-y thing made by a student:


 Here's a composite pic of my finished book (I love that I get to be a student when I have guest instructors in the studio!):

For some reason my book had a very manly theme...see:

Such a great structure and I love all the little tricks and techniques we learned - I'm sure I'll be incorporating them into my work.

Thank you Macy!

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