03 March 2014

A Cord Runs Through It

Workshop season is in full swing at Wishi Washi Studio. The first workshop up was a binding that I hadn't taught in a few years, and it was the first time I had taught it in Wishi Washi Studio. I call the binding: A Cord Runs Through It.

A Cord Runs Through It is a contemporary binding with good historical bones. It is a sturdy structure that also allows for creative interpretations

The textblock is held together by sewing linen thread around hemp cords (all my students this day chose the ambitious route and sewed around double cords with a herringbone stitch!)and then those cords run through the covers made of handmade paper. This allows for many design opportunities.

The finished books look gorgeous and will be great sturdy and unique journals. This binding can also be applied to more artistic projects - see The Pharmacist's Daughter on my website.

 Upcoming are more workshops in Wishi Washi Studio, a workshop at SCRAP in San Francisco (The Exploding Picture Box), and don't forget Creativebug if you are not in the San Francisco Bay Area (pssst: they have lowered their price and Lisa Congdon is teaching a 4 week drawing class starting March 4th - you can make books with me and draw in them with Lisa!)

See you out there!

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