11 May 2015

Drum Leaf Binding/Sewn Boards Binding with Rhiannon Alpers

The Drum Leaf Binding is a structure of many names and versions. It is also known as the Sewn Boards Binding and there are also ways to put it together with no binding at all.

This past Saturday Rhiannon Alpers, of Gazelle & Goat, visited Wishi Washi Studio and taught the sewn version which is technically the Sewn Boards Binding (attributed to Gary Frost) - she also discussed ways to create the structure without sewing that is called Drum Leaf Binding (attributed to Timothy Ely). Confused? Check out Karen Hanmer's description of the two structures here.

Rhiannon's Drum Leaf Binding/Sewn Boards Binding class samples

This a fabulous structure that is a nice, tight binding but is also extremely flexible.

my sewn boards binding in progress

Card stock sections are bound along with the textblock that eventually become the book's covers.

This contributes to the structure opening nice and flat

My complete Sewn Boards Binding

I tend to gravitate towards exposed spine bindings but I really like this structure for its compact and flexible qualities.

Rhiannon is a very thorough and patient teacher and it was so much fun having her in Wishi Washi Studio again. She also teaches classes out of her studio, Gazelle & Goat, in San Francisco. Check out her upcoming class schedule here.

My last Spring workshop in the studio is the popular Boro Books workshop. The class is full and there is a large waitlist, but I will be teaching it at two different locations this summer - see my previous blogpost for my Summer teaching schedule.

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