08 November 2017

Bibliomuse at Seager Gray Gallery

Bibliomuse is a series of books, wall pieces and objects that are inspired by discarded/withdrawn library books.

Hemingway and the Art of Awareness, No. 2,3,4,5 & 6

Bibliomuse is a subseries of KEEP: Modern Library.

Genetics, Paleontology and Evolution, No. 1

In KEEP: Modern Library I looked to one withdrawn library book as my muse. That was: Records Management: A Collegiate Course in Filing Systems and Procedures. Imagery from that book floats through each piece in KEEP: Modern Library.

Genetics, Paleontology and Evolution, No. 2

In embarking upon the subseries Bibliomuse I looked to five additional books as my muses: How to Know the Mosses and Liverworts; Genetics Paleontology and Evolution; Incredible Truth; Manual of Scientific Russian; and The Art of Awareness.

How to Know the Mosses and Liverworts, No. 1 (detail)

 I have extracted, abstracted and repeated imagery from each of those titles throughout the new Bibliomuse series. The imagery is created with a mixture of stencils and image transfers.

Incredible Truth, No. 1 (detail)

The exhibit Bibliomuse is now up at Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley for the month of November, 2017.

Bibliomuse at Seager Gray Gallery

Each piece continues the exploration, started in my KEEP: Modern Library series, of what we keep, the different ways in which we keep things/thoughts/emotions, and when it is perhaps time to move those things along.

Manual of Scientific Russian, No. 1

Each piece utilizes bookcloth that is extracted from withdrawn library books. Wherever you see color in these pieces - it is old bookcloth. These pieces are all repeatedly, and rather excessively, machine stitched which creates a unique texture and a new textile. The base cloth is antique handspun/handwovern linen, backstrap woven cotton from Africa, and other reclaimed linen.

Bibliocubes, No. 1, 2 & 3

Seager Gray Gallery created a gorgeous catalog that is available by contacting the gallery. A digital version is also on the Issuu site here.

Bibliomuse at Seager Gray Gallery

If you are in the area I hope that you get a chance to stop by the gallery.

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  1. just wonderful exhibit, wish I could see it in person, love the use of old book cloth, I am a book and library lover I actually worked at two different libraries