06 December 2020

Workshops in the time of COVID - 2021

What a year!

My last blogpost was on March 21st, at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown. And, only one 2020 post before that. Looks like it's time for another post.
I don't even know where to start regarding what this year has meant to me and mine, and am not even going to try. So many changes...but those are stories for another time.
For now...it is time to look forward.

 In September and October I taught two Zoom workshops and gave one Zoom talk. These were all events that had been planned as in-person, and we decided to morph them into Zoom events rather than cancel them. And, it went swimmingly. I even enjoyed them! There is nothing like connecting in person but it was so nice to connect with like minded people during this time of intense isolation.


Jody Alexander - Mending Sampler Needle Book
Mending Sampler Needle Book

 So...shoot me an e-mail if you are part of a group, guild, shop, retreat, etc. that would be interested in my teaching a workshop or giving a talk via Zoom. 
I've reached out to a couple of my regular, in-person, venues and we are scheduling some upcoming workshops.
Jody Alexander - Mending Sampler Needle Book

One that is already posted and ready to register for is:
Mending Sampler Needle Book
French General, Zoom Workshop
with two dates to choose from:
Click on links above to register or go the French General.
Jody Alexander - Mending Sampler Needle Book

As the vaccine nears and we all start to dream of traveling and gathering again it is ever important to continue to practice safe protocols: isolating, distancing, wearing a mask. And, while we are doing that let's take advantage of gathering virtually! I know I have been enjoying some of the workshops, talks, and events that have been made available virtually for the first time ever! 

Let me know if you want me to give a workshop or give a talk. Hope to see some of you in my scheduled zoom workshops (click here to see listings that I will update as they arise).
Next post I'll share a series that I've been working on during the pandemic...I promise it won't be eight months away...



  1. I hope you blog again soon. You needle book looks lovely

  2. I love your needle books and hope that class goes well. It's interesting isn't it, what changes in routine the pandemic has brought into our lives....your blogging has gone to the back burner, but I, an avid reader, have read a mere handful of books, though I have blogged as usual. BUT with all this extra stitch time I have had my needle in my hands several hours most days, and listened to heaps and heaps of recorded books. My large wall quilts have involved a lot of hand stitched surface designs of covid motifs - the virus, coffins,masks and so on in a series I began and called Pandemic Patterns.