16 April 2012


found at a church flea market.  i got the drawers...my friend got all the keys in it...we split the antique locks...

funny little table with "don't move Eric" written on top...should Eric not move?...or should Eric not move it?

a sweet six drawer library card catalog from a college i worked at in Boston...

a student gave (and delivered) this flat file to me (she gets a free class!)

from my grandfather's workbench...he was a tinkerer...inside are radio parts: tiny bulbs, nobs, springs, screws...



  1. jodi, i just meandered over and found a deliciousness of drawers. oh, my. splendid!

    1. thanks velma! you are my first comment. i'll keep on snapping. starting to see more and more themes around the studio! and, there seems to more stories to go along with them than i thought.