13 April 2012

what's in a name?

why wishi washi? and what's with the image?

"washi" is the japanese word for paper made in the traditional japanese style using kozo, gampi or mitsumata fibers.  artists often use the term to describe thin japanese papers.  many years ago i had the thought that "wishi washi" would be a great name for a paper store.  the store never happened.  not even close.  but the name stuck with me.  so when it came time to name my new studio this immediately popped into my head along with some very boring names.  wishi washi studio won!

the image is a quick snap i took of a book underwater.  the library where i work had a flood.  as the water damaged books were being taken away a co-worker and i screamed "stop!".  we had the idea of passing the water logged books out to fellow artists to make artwork out of, and then to have a show.  and, we did.  this is one of the books that i took home, dunked in a big fish bowl-like water vase i found on the street and photographed.  it was the poster child for our exhibit and now, years later, it is my trusty studio mascot.

washi = paper

wishi = everything else...

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