22 April 2013

Busy Bees in Wishi Washi Studio

Apparently, now I hibernate and so does my blog.  

I last posted in late November while my solo show at Cabrillo Gallery was still up - then, evidently, some much needed downtime was in order - and down I went...

But, I'm awake now and so is my studio - busy with students making and creating.  Here is a Wishi Washi Studio recap of the last couple of months.

In February I visited the Codex Book Fair in Richmond, California and stocked up on Cave Paper and Hark!Handmade Paper for my workshops...gorgeous, right?

First workshop up in March was Crossed-Structure which is one of my favorite bindings to teach and make.  We used some of the beautifully rich Cave Papers made out of flax:

Next up was Buttonhole Stitch Binding.  I enjoyed photographing all the working hands in the studio that day:

 And, these are a couple of finished Buttonhole Bindings:

We started out April with the Origami Travel Notebook: a fun structure that has 18 pockets inside, lots of pages to write and draw on and more of that luscious Cave Paper and Hark!Handmade Paper for covers:

 And, just this last Saturday we made Exploding Picture Boxes - a Victorian paper craft structure that has 28 planes/pages for images and pictures.  My students came up with a myriad of ideas and innovations for this structure:

More great workshops coming up later this Spring and Summer.  Check out the schedules here.

And, if you aren't in the Wishi Washi Studio area come take a class with me in North Carolina this June - information here.

Also...don't forget about Creativebug...workshops 24/7...anywhere...anytime...

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