08 July 2013

Camp Tannery

 Had a great time with the Camp Tannery Arts kids today.  Camp Tannery Arts is a week-long summer art program run by Linda Cover.  The kids get to visit artists' studios at the Tannery Arts Center, see their artwork and then make art along side them.  Amazing.  These are lucky kids!

Today they started out with a studio visit to talented letterpress printer Sam Amico and printed the Tannery Arts Center logo onto bookcover paper.


Sam carved the logo out of two pieces of wood, pre-printed one color and then printed the second block with the kids.

Next stop was my studio for a talk and show-and-tell from my collection about different kinds of book from around the world that took many forms and were made out of a variety of materials including parchment, papyrus, palm leaves, amate, and alum tawed leather.

Then it was time to make those gorgeous covers printed with Sam into books.


They paid close attention.

Hands folding, cutting and gluing.

And, before we knew it - they made books!


These are ready for the next day when the kids are coming back and meeting with Kevin Devaney, our resident poet, to give these books some life.  Can't wait to see how they end up.

But first...some sidewalk chalk...

Thanks to Linda and her assistants, Sam and the kids for a fun summer day at camp!

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