14 April 2014

In the Stars

The Star Book is a fun structure because it can be viewed as a page turning book, or stretched out like an accordion, or displayed as a three dimensional object.

A student's star book taking shape

I taught this structure in Wishi Washi Studio this past weekend and, as per usual, my students came up with some clever work.

My demo piece coming along

The multiple layers of paper form three dimensional panels.

My demo piece after adding many more elements

This is a perfect book for the inclusion of family photos, both old and new...

Fancy student work progressing  with family photos

they make great pieces to display around the holidays...

Student work with a festive Easter theme

and they make wonderful gifts.

The image below illustrates why it is called a Star Book. When the first panel is brought around to meet the last panel it forms a star shape when viewed from above. 

Student work almost complete!

I teach this class online at Creativebug so you are in luck if you missed the class in Wishi Washi Studio but want to learn this structure.

There's still time to make an amazing Star Book for Mother's Day, or for a Graduation gift, or for all of those Spring birthdays!

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