07 April 2014

Book in Painting: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

I recently spent a week in and around Boston, Massachusetts where I lived for 10 years a number of moons ago. I went to graduate school there and lived just down the street from the Museum of Fine Arts, or the MFA as locals call it. So, whenever I visit it is a necessary pilgrimage to go roam the halls of that beautiful building and visit my favorite rooms and works of art as well as whatever new they have on view.

Of course, I ran into some books in paintings! So, my series continues. (see this post and this post and this post for my past posts in this series). The MFA has expanded and gotten so large that it takes me two days to get through it. The first day I found only a few books in paintings in the European wings but the second day when I returned I hit the bounty in the Art of the Americas Wing - which is kind of a museum unto itself.

I believe this image is the first I have found in this series that is relatively modern:

Still Life: Past Revisited by Eldzier Cortor, 1973

The others I found in the Americas Wing dated from the 18th and 19th centuries:

And, the grand finale is by El Greco and located in one of my favorite rooms in the MFA: the Koch Gallery:

I love how the sitter is saving his place in the book!

Thanks MFA!


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