26 March 2014

That Cbug

 So, I might appear to be biased about this since I am an instructor on Creativebug, but I've been really loving their offerings lately and have been using it personally for my own art more and more.
In addition to their regular arts and crafts courses offered by amazing individuals, Creativebug has also started offering series'. The first was the Building a Creative Brand Series offered in the fall, followed by the 4-week Line Drawing class offered by Lisa Congdon that just wrapped up this week. Now, they are about to launch another four-week course, Pattern Drafting, taught by Cal Patch beginning on April 1st. And, they will be updating and running the Building a Creative Brand Series again starting April 14th.

i've been stitching more and more in my art

Lately, I have been gleaning information and techniques for my current artwork from many of my fellow Creativebug instructors including Rebecca Ringquist and Liesl Gibson as I've been incorporating more embroidery and sewing into my work. Creativebug has been a great encyclopedic source for me.

I have had a fun and relaxing time playing along with Lisa Congdon in her drawing course (I called it my "doodle therapy").

my photo doodle from Lisa Congdon's class

And, I'm looking forward to learning Pattern Drafting from Cal Patch since I've started making clothes out of my block printed fabrics and have been having a hard time finding that perfect pattern - I'm hoping I can make my own.

my block printed fabric

Hope you'll play and learn along with me!

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