24 March 2014


I love SCRAP!

This past Saturday I taught a workshop there: The Exploding Picture Box. It is a really fun workshop to teach and it was especially fun teaching it at SCRAP.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area you have probably been there and if not - go! If you are not in the area be sure to put it on your list next time visit. This is directly from their website:

"SCRAP is a non-profit creative reuse center, materials depot, and workshop space founded in 1976 in San Francisco, California.

SCRAP breathes new life into old objects and reduces waste by diverting over 200 tons of materials heading to landfill every year.

Donations of quality re-usable materials such as textiles, buttons, paper, craft and office supplies, plastics, and wood are collected from businesses, institutions, and individuals then sorted and made available to teachers, parents, artists, and organizations."

You never know what you will find at SCRAP.

If it has the above stencil on it you can't buy it because they use it to move stuff around - they have some really cool carts.

This past weekend there were multiple sewing machines...

Weird things like this object above - not sure what it is...

there is always TONS of fabric and they let it go for really cheap!

there is a loom there now and many mannequins...

and magazines in Braille, including Playboy...pretty funny when you think about it.

I always get distracted there and end up doing some shopping for myself - most of these scissors came home with me - they were all a little different after all! Including those scary looking electric ones at the left side of the picture - they worked!

All materials for the class were gleaned from the SCRAP collection.

File folders are the perfect material for The Exploding Picture Box so SCRAP gathered up a couple of boxes of them for my students.

I love all of the color combinations!

 The boxes started taking shape...

The Exploding Picture Box is very book-like as it has 28 planes/surfaces that can be written on or decorated with photographs and images. See this post for some completed boxes from a class in my studio last year.


It was a fun day with a full class of great students. My car left a little heavier - but I really needed everything I brought home...really!

Thanks SCRAP!

801 Toland (entrance on Newcomb)
San Francisco, CA 

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