27 January 2014

Book in Painting: Legion of Honor

I guess my break is over and it is back to work! My spring schedule for Wishi Washi Studio is up on my studio website and half of the classes are already full. Thanks to all who have signed up and for those interested...you better hurry!

So, what have I been up to in the last month? One thing that I did was go to San Francisco and see art...lots of art...at the De Young Museum and the Legion of Honor. While I didn't plan to continue my Book in Painting series (see Getty Center and Huntington posts from last summer) whilst at the Legion of Honor what did I see but books in paintings, and a couple of sculptures:


And, the grand finale: El Greco...

The Legion of Honor is a real gem in San Francisco and while I have been there many, many times I never noticed that there were so many books in paintings...and two sculptures. Clearly, I have a new hobby.

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