13 June 2014

Shakerag: the place

Just wrapped up teaching a week long workshop called The Stitcherly Book at Shakerag Workshops in Tennessee and I am feeling full. It is hard to find words to describe it. It has been a week of kind and generous people, talented artists, inspiring talks, food to die for, hikes in the rain, swims in "the res", and hard work. And dogs. There are so many dogs on this campus - it makes me happy.
resident dogs at "the res"
My experiences have been so vast that this is going to take, what I think will be, three posts.
I would like to start with Shakerag: the place.
Here are some shots from my week here:
Upon arrival faculty quarters at the St. Andrew's-Sewanee School weren't quite ready so we stayed in this charming house called Rebel's Rest on the campus Sewanee: University of the South:
Beautiful campus
Sewanee is located on a plateau. We didn't realize it until we were taken on a tour of the area including a stop at this look-out point:
After our tour we moved down the road to settle in for the week.
I stayed in this house:

My studio was in this building, a science building during the year:
Aside from workshops and artists talks all week long there are other scheduled activities like a hike down into Shakerag Hollow, the program's namesake, where they used to make moonshine. It rained heavily during our hike but we were fairly protected by the canopy. I was quite inspired by the lines that the trees and vines made.

One of the highlights of Shakerag is "the res". This is a small lake just a couple of minutes walking distance from the studios. Amazing!

The food is delicious - organic and locally sourced and served in this beautiful building:
The entire campus is quite picturesque
I am so glad that I don't have to leave just yet since I am staying on to be a student next week. Lucky me!
Next up will be photos of what my students and I were up to all week.

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  1. i wondered what this place looked like, thank you! looking forward to seeing your students and the workshop work.