05 June 2014

Tennessee Bound

My studio is in gather and pack mode as I am getting ready to head to Tennessee to teach The Stitcherly Book at Shakerag Workshops.

Then! After my teaching week I stay on to be a student for the following week. As I think I said very recently: I love learning and I love being a student. I will be participating in a workshop called Boro Transformed taught by Yoshiko Wada.

I am very excited about both weeks and am making piles and piles of paper and fabric to take with me. I know I have to pare down since I'm flying and am only taking one checked in bag and one carry on. 

I have only heard wonderful things about Shakerag and am very much looking forward to being immersed in art for two weeks. Local, organic food is on the menu daily, art talks every night, and a lake to swim in in the afternoon!

I am going to try to stay away from social media while there in this beautiful setting but I'm sure I will post a pic or two on Instagram if you would like to follow along.

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