28 July 2014

it has been a surface design summer

Wishi Washi Studio had a short but sweet summer workshop schedule this year.
Because I had events and workshops outside of my studio I only scheduled two workshops (plus two kid's camp classes) in my studio this summer.

tubs of ink - picture taken at my studio neighbors' PATT - they were having a silkscreen day on the same day as Surface Design - busy day at the Tannery...

The first was Surface Design with Courtney Cerruti, and the second was a Suminagashi and Orizomegami workshop taught by me.

Courtney never fails to deliver a fun day. She taught Surface Design which included paste papers, printing with bubble wrap, wooden block printing and gelatin prints.

gelatin prints in the making

gelatin prints in a gorgeous palette

beautiful work by students in Courtney's class

And, she brought her new puppy Charlie (if you are on instagram check out the hashtag #pupcharlie)!

Charlie exploring my work bench while Courtney teaches

that tongue!

Charlie relaxing at the end of a long day at the Tannery

Hard to follow that act but the next weekend I taught a class focusing on Japanese paper decorating techniques that included Suminagashi and Orizomegami.

my class samples of suminagashi and orizomegami

students getting fancy with orizomegami

student suminagashi action shot

beautiful results

suminagashi on a print

Courtney and I met through Creativebug and we both have online workshops with them. So, if you missed our classes you can still play along with us. Courtney has many classes including paste papers and I have both Suminagashi and Orizomegami classes on Creativebug.

I also taught two kid's classes for Camp Tannery Arts (see previous post)concluding with the last one today. And, that means...I'm done for the summer and have the studio to myself until September. I love having people come into my studio to learn and breathe creative life into my space but I also love a good stretch of time when I can spread out, make a mess, and create! 

See you in September...


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