08 September 2014

Book in Painting: Stanford University - Cantor Center

I think I am in denial about this September thing. August was so nice with lots of studio time and a number of little adventures and day trips and we actually had nice, warm sunny weather here in Santa Cruz where we often have cold and foggy days in August.

One of my day trips was to Stanford University. I usually visit Stanford University's Cantor Center for the Visual Arts
a few times a year but I guess I haven't visited their European Paintings rooms lately because ... look what I found: books in paintings!

Lizards and skulls, too!

If you're new to my Book in Painting series see these previous post about visits to the Getty, the Huntington, the Legion of Honor and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The series continues!

Although I am in denial about September it brings some great events and workshops.

I'll be participating in the Art Party in San Jose. Check out the link if you aren't familiar with it and consider attending if you are in the Bay Area - it is a spectacular event. My installation Phinnea's World will be included.

Workshops start up this coming weekend in Wishi Washi Studio with guest instructor Rhiannon Alpers teaching the Caterpillar Stitch Binding. I am very much looking forward to playing along in this workshop and will report back next week! 

Happy September!

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