15 September 2014

Caterpillar Stitch Binding

Fall workshops were off to a creeping and crawling start with the Caterpillar Stitch Binding taught by Rhiannon Alpers of Gazelle & Goat this past Saturday in Wishi Washi Studio.

Rhiannon's class samples

In the morning we learned the Hedi Kyle version of the Caterpillar Stitch binding:

my practice card and caterpillar book in progress

and, in the afternoon we made Caterpillar stitches in the Keith Smith style - it was a lot trickier:

my attempt at the Keith Smith version of the caterpillar stitch

Making practice cards was key to learning these stitches and the Japanese hole punch was a handy tool to have in this class.

don't look too close - I made a boo-boo towards the end

As usual, everyone's work was spectacular.

student work
Thanks to Rhiannon for teaching another great workshop in Wishi Washi Studio and we hope to have her back again in the Spring!

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  1. Caterpillar stitches in the 'Keith Smith' style is definitely the way to go but it can take a while to master... it always reminds me of knotting that I saw on my uncles fishing boat when I was younger. Thanks for the post though guys! - Paul