27 April 2015

Three Sketchbooks in Six Hours with Jennie Hinchcliff

We made Three Sketchbooks in Six Hours...yes, we did!

Jennie's class samples

Jennie Hinchcliff is an extraordinary teacher. She was the most recent guest instructor in Wishi Washi Studio and she arrived with a bundle of class samples and an equal amount of enthusiasm! We had a mixture of beginners and experienced bookmakers in Wishi Washi Studio that day and Jennie made one and all comfortable, happy and had them laughing - even though we were on a tight schedule to get all of our work done.

My view while working - lines and grids

As the workshop title stated - we made Three Sketchbooks in Six Hours. They were all non-adhesive, exposed spine bindings that were variations on the Longstitch binding.

My completed books - count 'em - three!

 There were lots of links, chains, wraps, and crossovers. So much fun and satisfying to complete so much in one day!

Jennie also has a rubber stamp company, called Red Handed Rubber Stamps, and we got the opportunity to see her stamps in person, try them out and purchase them. Check out her retail distributors here and see line sheets of her stamps here. These are a few that she brought to Wishi Washi Studio:

Red Handed Rubber Stamps by Jennie Hinchcliff

Much Thanks to Jennie for the fun and fulfilling day in Wishi Washi Studio.

Rhiannon Alpers returns as our next guest instructor teaching the Drum Leaf Binding. The class is full but let me know if you want to be on the waitlist - this will be a fun one, too, with another stellar instructor!

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