13 April 2015

Wishi Washi Studio in Japan

What a wonderful time I had in Japan! It almost seems like a really really really really good dream now. One that I did not want to end.

Sakura in Kyoto

I posted lots of photos on Instagram and then shared a portion of those on Facebook - so check out those links if you would like.

But, I also wanted to include some here for those of you not connected to IG and FB. 

We started our trip in Tokyo and visited book artist Yo Yamazaki's atelier for tea, snacks and book arts sharing.

Japanese-English dictionary rebound by Yo Yamazaki

Yo is a talented, generous and kind bookbinder and teacher. He will be teaching at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts this summer.

Yo Yamazaki's atelier

Later that day we visited Jimbocho - an area in Tokyo filled with book stores

Rare book store in Jimbocho, Tokyo

The next day we visited Amuse Museum that has a large collection of boro textiles.

...where you are not only allowed to photograph the collection but are also encouraged to touch!

Next stop Kyoto where we stayed at an apartment in the Nishijin area and this was our view...for a week!

One day in Kyoto we shopped - guided by my friend and talented book artist, Kyoko Matsunaga:

paper store in Kyoto

needle store in Kyoto

needles at needle store in Kyoto

Some of my purchases that day: fabric to make a dress, handmade thread snips and paper thread

While in Kyoto we visited numerous temples, the Toji Temple flea market, and the Arishiyama area. On our last day in Kyoto we visited Orinasu-kan - a foundation for the promotion of hand woven textiles.


Master weaver at Orinasu-kan

We took the train back to Tokyo just in time for me to give a talk to the Tokyo Bookbinding Club at the Hibiya Library and Museum. What a wonderful group of people - and they took us out for a delicious meal later that night - we ate the kind of food that we would have had no idea how to order or eat without their guidance. Such a treat!

Hibiya Library and Museum in Tokyo
On our last day in Tokyo we found ourselves shopping, again...

Sekaido art supply store - Shinjuku

Sekaido art supply store - Shinjuku

It was hard to say goodbye but I hope to return again.

Arashiyama area, Kyoto

Arigatou gozaimasu, Japan!


  1. i've been following along on facebook, what a grand trip. thanks for sharing.