07 December 2015

KEEP: the artist's book

I've produced an artist's book to accompany my new series and project KEEP: Modern Library.

It's called KEEP 
and was made possible by the Rydell Visual Arts Fellowship that I received.

It was important to me that I did something with my Fellowship that gave back to the community so 10% of the sale price of KEEP will be donated to the Santa Cruz Public Library for purchase of books for their children's collection. The remaining revenue I hope to pay forward into another artist's book project that will also pay back to the community somehow. That's the plan!

My project, KEEP: Modern Library, utilizes withdrawn books from a college library as material for my artwork, so now those books are completing a circle of life by generating funds for books for kids.

KEEP takes the reader/viewer on a journey with me of the last two years of gathering materials, traveling, learning, stitching and seeing, with images of all those things as well as my artwork from the project scattered throughout the book. It is mostly photographs with some line drawings and a few key words that sum up the essence of the project.

The book is 32 pages, in color, and signed, numbered and stamped with the KEEP stamp that was a partial inspiration for the project. The book is an edition of 200.

You can purchase the book for shipping or local(Santa Cruz, CA) pick up on my website here.

U.S. Residents can use the paypal button on my site and for International shipping please e-mail me and I will send you a paypal invoice (wishiwashistudio at gmail dot com).

Also, available on my website shop page is the Rydell Visual Arts Fellows 2014-2015 Catalog(Scroll to the bottom of the shop page for that). The catalog includes portraits of all three fellows (myself, Jim Denevan and Elizabeth Stephens), essays on each of us plus one from a juror, and images of our artwork. I will sign your copy!

Check out my Wishi Washi Studio Shop 
and thank you for your support!

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