23 November 2015

Rydell Fellowship and K E E P : Modern Library

It was almost two years ago that I received a very nice phone call letting me know that I had been chosen as one of the next Rydell Visual Arts Fellows

That was definitely a high point of my last two years which have been a bit of a roller coaster ride. The fellowship allowed me to be a student at Shakerag Workshops, exhibit at Codex, travel to Japan, breath a little when I otherwise would be scrambling for studio rent, and publish an artist's book, called KEEP, that will give a portion of its proceeds to the Santa Cruz Public Library for the purchase of Children's Books.


All of these experiences, and more, are culminating in an exhibit that I start installation on next week.

Here is information about the exhibit:

Rydell Visual Arts Fellows Exhibition
R. Blitzer Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA
December 4th, 2015 - January 29th, 2016
Opening Reception: December 4th, 5:00 - 9:00

The exhibit will include my fellow Fellows: Jim Denevan and Elizabeth Stephens.
My portion of the exhibit is named: KEEP: Modern Library. It is inspired by withdrawn library books, Japanese textiles, the art of repair and a KEEP stamp that was discarded from a library. All of the color you see in these pieces are book cloth that has been stripped, or "skinned", from withdrawn library books. And, the imagery that floats across each piece is from one particular withdrawn library book that became my muse throughout this series.

I realize many readers here are far flung and won't be able to make it to the exhibit. You can see some pieces from the exhibit on my website here. I will add more pieces as time goes on. 

New Acquisitions
KEEP: the artist's book is a book that accompanies the exhibit and takes you on a visual journey of my last two years. You can purchase the book on my website

KEEP artist's book

If you are local I hope you can visit the exhibit! 

Thank you to Roy and Francis Rydell and the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County. You have kept me afloat these past two years!

I will post photos of the exhibit once it is installed.

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