09 May 2016

Book Arts Exhibits Spring 2016

There are a couple of book arts exhibits this Spring in the Bay Area that are looking quite good, and I'm honored to be included in both.

On Hold - from KEEP: Modern Library series

Every year Seager Gray Gallery puts together an Art of the Book exhibit. Seager Gray Gallery is a year round proponent of the book arts but for this exhibit they always work extra hard to gather an interesting and varied group of book artists.

To Be Shelved - from KEEP: Modern Library series

Three pieces from my KEEP: Modern Library series will be included in this show. 

New Acquisitions - from KEEP: Modern Library series

Seager Gray Gallery
Mill Valley, CA
May 2nd - June 5th, 2016
Reception: Saturday, May 14th, 5:30 - 7:30

Seager Gray Gallery has put together an online catalog on ISSUU that you can view here.

Contact the gallery if you are interested in purchasing a copy. 

In 2001, the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art put on an exhibit entitled This Is Not a Book. I remember being newly transplanted to California, being a book artist who didn't know that many artists in the area yet, and seeing this show and being profoundly affected by it. Many of the artists in the show weren't really "book artists" but rather artist making sculptural book objects or conceptual pieces with or relating to books. At the time I was interested in making books that existed more as three-dimensional objects representing books, and all that they embody, rather than page-turning objects with text on them. I wanted the object to tell the story rather than the words on the page, and this exhibit at the San Jose ICA was greatly influential in helping find my new direction. It was the first time I had seen Gaza Bowen's Biliotheca Memoria. If you haven't seen it, or pieces from it, you need to!

This Is Not a Book, Chapter Two is coming up in June 2016 at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art. Seager Gray Gallery has collaborated with the SJICA and put together, what looks like, a winning line-up. I am honored to be part of this exhibit and will be installing my Exposed Spines there at the end of this month.

San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art
San Jose, CA
June 5th - September 11th, 2016
Reception: June 5th, 2:00 - 4:00

Exposed Spines

There is also a catalog planned for this exhibit but the online link is not available at this time. Check back for updates.

If you are in the Bay Area - lucky you - you can see these shows and you should! If you are reading this from afar, then it looks like you are also in luck since there will be print and online catalogs!

I will be in New England during the San Jose ICA reception but I will try my best to make it to the May 14th opening reception at Seager Gray.


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