16 June 2016

Squam Art Retreat

I have recently returned from teaching at Squam Art Retreat and thought I would share a little. What a wonderful place!

After spending a few days with friends in the Boston area I headed north and arrived to this idyllic setting.

What a beautiful and peaceful place.

Each cabin is right on Squam Lake and each has its own dock. And, although it was chilly many of us spent as much time in the water as we could - it was refreshing!

The cabins are fairly rustic with no refrigerators or heaters but instead each has an icebox and fireplace. Ice and firewood are delivered daily (the ice is sourced from the lake!)

The icehouse

I was invited to teach my Boro Sampler Book workshop there and was assigned a cabin that would act as our classroom. The main classroom was set up in the living room but we also had an adjoining screened porch where students could sit and stitch.


Of course, students did wonderful and inspiring work!

Everyone began by practicing mending stitches, inspired by Japanese Boro Textiles, on their sampler pages.

Although I bring plenty of fabric I always encourage students to incorporate materials that are personal to them, or at least their own palette and aesthetic. 


At the end of the class we bound the pages into books using the Japanese side-sewn binding. Students can refer to these sampler books later when tackling visible mending projects or incorporating what I call the "boro aesthetic" into their artwork or other projects.

What a wonderful workshop and experience. And, if you are still wanting to see more Squam scrumptious-ness then check out the blog post that my roommate Rachel Hazell just posted.

Thank you to everyone (Elizabeth, Forrest, students, and fellow teachers) who made the week a successful and enjoyable one! I hope to return to this glorious lake someday. 

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