12 July 2016

Studio Move!

Wishi Washi Studio has moved out of Wishi Washi Studio! But, I'm keeping the name going and continuing with this blog as a place to share my adventures in teaching and exhibiting my artwork. 

To back up a bit, the name Wishi Washi Studio began when I moved into my studio at the Tannery Arts Center at the beginning of 2012. That studio was a place where I taught workshops and private lessons, invited guest instructors to teach, hosted occasional events, and created my artwork. Due to a number of reasons I have decided to move out of that space and into a much smaller space which means that I won't be teaching out of my studio anymore. I am sharing pictures here of the new studio while I am still successful at keeping things minimal (we'll see how long that lasts!) I am loving the light and the white walls - my previous space had no windows and plywood walls.

I will continue to teach, outside the studio, and since the name, Wishi Washi Studio, has become associated with my teaching - I'm going to keep it going. I have enjoyed posting reports on my workshops, travel relating to my teaching, and information and images from exhibits that I participate in, so I will continue to do so here.

My studio website, www.wishiwashistudio.com, will go away since it does not make sense to keep it going. I will continue on with my art website: www.jalexbooks.com - check that out to see past and current artwork.

I will also continue on with my wishi washi studio gmail account, my instagram account and my wishi washi studio facebook page.

To find out about where I will be teaching you can be sure to check this blog since I usually do seasonal round ups of my workshops, but also by joining my mailing list by e-mailing me at wishiwashistudio at gmail.

I want to give a special thanks to everyone who took workshops or private lessons at Wishi Washi Studio. You were the reason I kept it going as long as I did. You truly energized me and brought life to that space. Thank you.


  1. Congrats on the move. Glad I was able to take classes at The Tannery Arts Center, and look forward to seeing what you will create in your new space.

  2. moving on is good, congratulations. i wish i could have been a student at wishi washi because it always sounded so fun! on my west coast trip next year (fingers crossed) i will miss that stop.

  3. So glad you'll keep us updated. Always love seeing your art. Thank you Jody.

  4. Glad things are better for you¡Have a awesome summer��