26 August 2016

Residency in My Backyard and Blog update

I moved out of my old studio at the end of June, and once I was settled in my new home studio I decided to give myself a "Residency in My Backyard" this August. 
Residency in my Backyard - my new studio


It was lovely with lots of time to: 

play in the studio, 

Bookskin palette for a new piece

Strap woven cotton from West Africa - base for a new piece

made some new stencils based on imagery from a withdraw library book

And, I combined all those elements to start a new piece which is part of my Bibliomuse Series

work on my long neglected yard and pet my cat on my way from my house to my studio, 

Miss Emeline McQueen on my drought lawn

and attend as many performances of the Cabrillo Music Festival as I could. 

Music in the Mountains Venue - Cabrillo Music Festival

It was very restorative.
But, now schools are starting up again and Fall is in the air which is a perfect time to get back to business and update my Blog Pages. "Pages" are the tabs at the top of the blog, just under the banner image. 

I decided to add one for "Exhibits" and one for "Press and Publications", as well as be more vigilant about posting upcoming workshops on that existing page. So, be sure to visit them all and see what's new and upcoming.

Shakerag Hollow Book will be in an exhibit at San Francisco Center for the Book this Fall and I will be teaching an accompanying Boro Sampler Book Workshop there.

I put a link to a couple of Blurb books that I have published about my Preparing for Evanescence Exhibit and my KEEP: Modern Library Exhibit on the "Press and Publications" page as well as links to my KEEP artist's book and some blog interviews and local press. 

Blurb Books for two of my past exhibits

I will continue to dedicate blog posts to select upcoming workshops or exhibits but now I have a place for that information to live that can be updated frequently.

Good luck to all with new school year activities whether that is as a student, parent or teacher, and I hope to see you in a workshop or at an exhibit this Fall.


  1. congratulations on new things, and being/going home to work. i'm not going back to school for the first time in 21 years which feels terrific; new irons in the fire, making stuff.

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