18 September 2016

Anne and Mark's Art Party 2016

Anne and Mark's Art Party is coming up and I'll be participating for the fifth time.

The Art Party is self-described as An Occasional and Irrational San Jose Arts Fest. It is the brain child of Anne Sconberg and Mark Henderson and it just keeps getting bigger and more amazing and irrational!

There is art, installations, performances, music, and a fashion show, but it is really more than that, and it comes and goes in a week's time.

The first time I participated was in 2009 and the Art Party took place in Anne and Mark's house that was converted to accommodate all of the artwork and performances.

I exhibited some of boxed book pieces, that were scattered about the house, as well as my Maxine pieces:

Maxine Dresses Up for the Silkworms (studio shot by r.r.jones)

The next year the Art Party expanded and was held in a number of warehouses. This allowed the organizers to build walls and rooms to suit different artists' work and installations as well as hold music and other performances in other buildings and outside.

It was here that The Odd Volumes of Ruby B. made her debut. I had been working on Ruby's books and a few wall pieces but it was at the Art Party that I was able to realize Ruby as an installation:

The Odd Volumes of Ruby B., Art Party 2010, photo by r.r. jones

 In 2011, the Art Party again took place in the same warehouses as 2010, but, of course, it was bigger and better.

That year I showed pieces from two different installations. I was working on my Preparing for Evanescence installation that was coming up the next year and I previewed some of those pieces, and I also showed a version of Worthy similar to this:

Worthy, image from Felix Kulpa Gallery installation, photo by r.r. jones

 After a few years off from the Art Party, Anne and Mark brought it back on a completely re-imagined scale. In 2014, the Art Party took place at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds! It was huge! So much space for so much more art, music, and performances.

That year, again, I was able to realize an installation for the first time - something that I had been working on but hadn't really gotten out there. It was a wacky one and the Art Party was the perfect place to debut: Phinnea's World:

Phinnea's World, Art Party 2014, photo by r.r. jones

On Saturday, September 24th the Art Party will once again grace the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. Busy bees are already there transforming the space to become another occasional and irrational art fest.

This year I am going to recreate my KEEP: Modern Library installation:

Main Stacks from KEEP: Modern Library (photo by r.r. jones)

Bookskin Spectrum from KEEP: Modern Library, photo r.r. jones

Shelf List, and "skinned books" from KEEP: Modern Library (photo r.r. jones)

Since I haven't seen my space yet I'm not sure how I will install KEEP: Modern Library at the Art Party this year. But, that is the fun of it. It is fast and furious and unpredictable and it comes and goes in a flash.

Hope to see you there!

Santa Clara County Fairgrounds
September 24th - October 1st
Opening Gala: Saturday, September, 24th
Closing Fashion Show: Saturday, October 1st 

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