19 May 2013

a stitcherly end to the spring season

We wrapped up the Spring Workshop season here at Wishi Washi Studio this past Saturday with another Stitched Photo Collage class.  For the second Saturday in a row the studio was full of talented artists who brought old photos, papers, cloth and threads to combine into luscious little masterpieces.

a piece just starting to take shape

it was fun to see how things began...

and how they finished...love this one!

beautiful old piece work with rusty tack marks

I got to play along too...the is a snippet of my first week's work 

and my second week's work in progress

at the end of class we talked about some hanging options for these soft wall pieces - these are a couple of options i came up with
 Thank you to all of my students this Spring Season!  I had such a nice time teaching in my studio and I'm looking forward to the Summer workshops (after a couple of weeks of making a mess in my studio by myself!)

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