06 May 2013

Transfer That!

I enjoy bringing guest instructors to Wishi Washi Studio.  It is a way to bring talent from out of the area to Santa Cruz, offer something different to my students and mix it up a bit.  But, best of all is that, in addition to being hostess and helper, I get to be a student and play along.

Images of Scissors were my obsession of the day

This Saturday the wonderful and talented Courtney Cerruti came to Wishi Washi Studio to teach Image Transfers.  Courtney and I have traveled in the same teaching and art making circles for a while now but had never met until we both started filming online classes for Creativebug last year. Courtney is a maker extraordinaire and has a book coming out in November 2013 called Playing with Image Tranfers from Quarry Books.

Courtney was ready with tons of supplies and inspirational samples

Back in January I put the workshop schedule up and the class filled so quickly that we decided to add a second class in the afternoon. It was a long day but so much fun!  We transferred color and black & white images on paper, cloth, and wood using a number of techniques including packing tape transfers, gel medium transfers and solvent transfers.  This is some of the play that happened that day:

Bottom right is Courtney's sample and the others are student work

Student thoughtfully choosing images

Of course, Courtney had some washi tape for student use...

Some students kept notebooks and recorded what kind of image worked with each transfer technique

One student stuck her packing tape transfers on her water bottle. Love it!

If you missed out this Saturday keep your eye on my workshop schedule - I hope to have Courtney come back and teach again in the Fall!

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