10 November 2014

Storage Book, take two...

We were quite fortunate this past Saturday to have Macy Chadwick come and teach in Wishi Washi Studio for the third time. She taught the enticing structure The Storage Book again. (See my previous posts on last year's Storage Book workshop and the
Hidden and Revealed workshop two summers ago).

class samples and one of mine

What struck me most this time around were the rich colors that everyone worked with. Macy gave everyone the chance to stain and color their white and off-white papers to suit their fancy

Then everyone set to work making all of those windows, pockets, slidey-things, spinning wheels, and gentle capture techniques that Macy teaches (see a better description of these in this post).

student work in progress

student work in progress

As usual, everyone did gorgeous work:

Macy played along, too

Sweet pocket with illustrations made by a student

More student work - I love all the layering

Thank you once again to Macy for a fulfilling day and we hope that she comes back again!

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