09 March 2015

Catching up! Codex, Tackets and Coptic

I have fallen behind on reporting on happenings in and around Wishi Washi Studio! So, here is a three in one post.

I participated in the Codex Book Fair & Symposium in February.

The Fair took place at the Craneway Pavilion in Point Richmond, California, in this stunning building

the exhibitor hall with windows everywhere

the Craneway Pavilion went on forever

with these stunning views

our view: stormy day with San Francisco in the distance

small, medium and large boats passing at all times

There were approximately 200 exhibitors from all around the world. The event took place over a span of four days and it was absolutely overwhelming! I saw friends, colleagues, and students from far and near and met many, many amazing people. My biggest complaint was that I wasn't able to meet and visit with each and everyone of my co-exhibitors.

A couple of weekends later I was back teaching in Wishi Washi Studio. Tacketted Binding is the first binding that I ever taught way back in the 1990's at Paper Source in Cambridge, Massachussets, what seems like a few lifetimes ago. 

Tackets on one of my artists' books: Worse Than Nothing

I had never taught Tacketted Binding in Wishi Washi Studio but I had a student request it and I'm glad she did - the class filled lickety-split and I ended up adding a second class that also filled. I was quite pleased to learn that there was so much interest in this binding.
class samples: Tacketted Binding

This is a historically based binding for which I have altered the materials to modernize it a bit. It is a great structure for artistic applications.

class samples: Coptic Binding

Last weekend I taught the tried and true Coptic Binding. Always a favorite as it is a beautiful and functional binding that allows the pages to lay flat. Journal keepers and sketchbook makers love it for that reason. I also teach this class online at Creativebug so you can take it anywhere in the world that you are!

Greek Coptic Binding with Coptic Endbands

This coming Friday I will be teaching students to add Coptic Endbands to their Coptic bound books. There is still space in that class so check it out here and join us if you can.

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