16 March 2015

Coptic Endbands

I gathered with my students in Wishi Washi Studio this past Friday to put Coptic Endbands on their Coptic Bound books.

Coptic Endbands are a little tricky to learn, and to teach, but once you get the hang of them it is a very satisfying process with gorgeous results!

Coptic Endbands in progress

The endbands add what I call "strength and controlled flexibility" to a Coptic Bound book. Coptic bindings are known for their ability to lay flat but the binding can often be a bit floppy - especially if the first and last page are not glued down. The endbands can help strengthen the binding while still allowing the book to behave in a beautifully flexible way.

Next up in Wishi Washi Studio are workshops taught by Guest Instructors Jennie Hinchliff (Three Sketchbooks in Six Hours on April 25th) and Rhiannon Alpers (Drum Leaf Binding on May 9th). There are limited spaces available in those two classes - more information and sign up information here. What a great Happy Spring gift to yourself to come to Wishi Washi Studio and learn with these amazing teachers - join us!

Between now and then I will be going to Japan! More on that soon...

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