20 September 2018

Bibliomuse 2 : a new phase

My Bibliomuse series is a sub-series of KEEP: Modern Library where I look to Japanese boro textiles and imagery from withdrawn library books for visual inspiration, and use old European linen and cloth from the covers of withdrawn library books as my materials. The image-making processes used are stenciling, block printing, image transfers, and occasionally graphite directly on the fabric.

You can see some images from the original KEEP: Modern Library series here and here; and the first Bibliomuse sub-series here; and by visiting my art website here.

Essential from KEEP: Modern Library series

Currently, I'm working on a new phase of the Bibliomuse series where I am experimenting with color combinations and dying the base-cloth, playing with the scale of imagery, and transferring images of woven cloth from the withdrawn library books on the fabric.
With the first Bibliomuse series I used the sewing machine and densely repeated back and forth stitching to create a unique texture on the base-cloth. 

Hemingway and the Art of Awareness 1-5 from the first Bibliomuse

In this new phase of the Bibliomuse series I'm hand stitching only.

Enough explanation! Here are the new pieces: 

Title: Theory of Collective Behavior, No. 1

Base cloth is lightly dyed with walnut dye.

Below is the withdrawn library book that is the muse for this piece, also entitled: Theory of Collective Behavior.


Title: The Impact of the Social Sciences, No. 1

The base cloth of this piece is dyed with walnut and persimmon dye. The inspiration for this piece is the four dots that appear on the cover and the title page of the muse. I played around with blowing up the dots on the photocopier and then translating those images to block prints, stencils and image transfers.


Title: Genetics, Paleontology and Evolution, No. 3

I used this book as my muse in the first Bibliomuse series and have returned to it here playing with the scale of the imagery and printing and drawing on old linen that is stained with india ink.


I've resisted working with blue since my work is influenced by Japanese boro textiles: I want my work to reflect the lines, shapes, layering and textures of boro textiles but not look like boro textiles. However, after my trip to France this summer where I dyed old linen cloth in woad, I just couldn't resist working it into a new piece when I returned home.

Title: The Scandal of Silence, No. 1

Below is the muse. In addition to using the black bars as imagery in the piece I also referenced the faded squiggle mark on the cover of the book by making a stencil of the line and repeating it in the piece.

I'm currently working on making little fabric accordion books to match each of these pieces - things are getting really meta!

 While in France I acquired an old lab coat at a brocante and gave it a few dips in the woad vat while there and added imagery from The Scandal of Silence after returning to the studio. Maybe I'll make books and clothes to match each wall piece...